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female solo trip

Female solo travel – stupidity or adventure?

I often hear that traveling alone is reckless. After all, I am young, defenseless, and I am also a woman! Surely someone will hurt me. I have to say — this is a slight exaggeration. Don’t think I’m an ignorant – I am quite aware of the dangers. But they have never stopped me from […]


Everything you need to know about Peru!

  When I first heard about Peru, I had no idea where it was on the map. Sure, South America. But where exactly? I did not know. For my explanations, I need to say – I was always bad with maps. I had to visit the place in order to pinpoint its location. Yet I […]


High school exchange in the US? It’s possible!

  When I talk about my one-year exchange in the US, many people seem doubtful. “But how come you left so far and for so long? You weren’t even of legal age! ” “And your parents let you go?” “What about school?” “Where did you get the money for all of this?” My wish is […]

Fitz Roy

Just me, Fitz Roy and a tent

  The previous post has opened the ranking of the five most significant travel moments for me. It’s time for a second story. The story of my mountain conquests and struggles, both mental and physical, to achieve the goal. It is time for you to meet one of my plentiful life loves – Mt. Fitz […]


First travel lesson – don’t trust in Asian buses

    Each journey has its breakthrough moments. And I’m not talking about moments that only change our journey, but about moments that also change our lives. I think I could name a few of these events for each trip. However, I decided to highlight five such moments in my entire life. These were the […]


Trucks’ narratives

  It was one of these places that I had ambitious plans for. One of these places that at the end, I was leaving empty-handed. I felt like this place could be my haven for months and at the same time I didn’t want to stay there a day longer. Each subsequent day spent there […]


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