Who am I?

Who am I?

I am a traveler in love with the life. I am a student, daughter, sister, friend. You can call me Julka, Jula, Julia, Altmaneq – anything works.

I am lucky enough to explore the most remote places of the world. But I have a goal. My goal is development, knowledge and understanding. I come from Gdańsk, but my home is everywhere 🏘. It is wherever I go.


Why travelling?

I love traveling – I believe that there is nothing more beneficial for ourselves than constantly leaving the comfort zone. Also being in one place for more than a month tires me terribly 😰.

Traveling is my unending and invaluable source of inspiration for writing and photographing, which I do in my free time. I save every penny and every spare moment to travel.

And since there I have plenty of histories and reflection, I want to externalize it ✍.

What’s here?

On the blog I write about my travels, but above all – about my thoughts on these travels.

The introverted nature makes me extremely sensitive to intense and numerous travel stimuli. In my posts I slow down for a moment and transfer my thoughts on paper (and later on the blog). Go ahead and read some of it – don’t forget to come back if like it. More here.

And more photos of my authorship 📷 here.